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What is Satta and how to play it

What is Satta ? 

Satta is a betting game, but unlike any other sports it is played on number. The player has to choose a number and if that number is opened, the player wins the prize money depending on how much the player has bet on that number. Its like a lottery system. The number which will be opened will always be of two digits that is for number "one" it will be "01",19,99 etc.

In the game of "satta" you can choose from these two types of games,
  1. Haruf
  2. Jodi

What is Haruf ?

In haruf user can play on either the first digit or last digit of the number, means you don't have to guess the exact number, you can choose number like 9B or 5B or A2 something like that.

So what does that mean, if someone choose 9B, it means he is saying that he doesn't care about the first digit of the number but the last digit will be 9, so 09,19,29,39...99 are the numbers he is betting on. However if the number 9 came into the first digit position, the player lose.

And if some say says A9 or something like that, it means the player is betting on the first digit for e.g. 90,91,92...99. "A" is just opposite of "B".

If the player is playing "haruf" the prize money will be 9 times of the played amount, for e.g. if the player bets $100 he will get $900.

What is Jodi ?

In the game of jodi, player plays on exact number, it means that unlike haruf where player has to guess only one digit, here he has to guess both digits. For e.g if the user played on the number 65, so if number 65 is opened then and only then he wins. If any number other than that is opened player loses.

If the player is playing "jodi" the prize money will be 9 times of the played amount, for e.g. if the player bets $100 he will get $9000.

How to play Satta ?

Now the important question arises, does we just guess and hope for the best that our number will be drawn. Well many people does that, some looks for weird tricks and sign for a number, and you can also certainly do that.

Or you can join some forums where the best players, submit there guess and where the numbers are not just drawn by pure guess, instead with the use of numerology derived from the previous satta records.

One great forum like that is operated by the person also known as "Satta king" , here you can also find out all the chart of the popular games like Desawar, Gali, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. To look at the charts of these games click on the link below.

To find out more about "satta" click on the link and view yourself why he is called "Satta King"

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